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The beginning of September marks the beginning of harvest season in wine country, which means wine festivals each weekend in the various towns dotting the Moselle River.  On the Luxembourg side, we spent the afternoon at Grevenmacher’s 63rd Annual Fête du Raisin et du Vin, or Wine and Grape Festival.  The festival looked a lot like a street fair or Fourth of July festival in the States, except food and wine tents were lined up along the narrow streets of Grevenmacher rather than taking over wide open spaces.  Instead of walking over baseball diamonds, we walked through cobblestone streets with a view of the Moselle River.

The main point of today’s activities was the parade (Friday’s major event was the

Enjoying the Spielplatz in Grevenmacher

crowning of the Wine Queen (The Wine Queen is responsible for representing Luxembourg wines nationally and abroad for the year.  What that entails, I’m not really sure.) and Saturday’s was fireworks at night, but music (and lots of wine) filled the street all three days.  We arrived a little early for the parade, but we walked by the river, found a nice playground, and staked out a good position for the parade.

One of the floats in the parade–notice the woman on the left, passing out wine

The parade itself was quite the event!  All sorts of clubs were represented, and each decorated float (there didn’t seem to be a unifying theme–there was everything from traditional clothing to hippies to dinosaurs/cavemen to men singing in what seemed to be a cabaret) carried with them a small wagon that held two things: a sign with their number order in the parade, and several bottles of wine.  The wine seemed to all be the same kind, and from what I can tell one or two wineries sponsored the whole event, providing the wine for the floats.  As the floats moved through the parade route, the bottles were emptied–into the glasses of those watching the parade!  In the United States, floats toss out candy; in Luxembourg, they let the wine flow!